Day 87: The enigma

A puzzle sits in our family room. Normally, we spend our Christmas/New Year vacation days putting together a puzzle, but here we are in mid-January already, and the puzzle is barely past the outside-edge stage.

Growing up, puzzles always brought our family together. We had one set up and it would draw us to the table to work together, laugh and talk. It’s a tradition we’ve been carrying on at the end of each year, but this year, we didn’t uphold the tradition as well.

As I look at the piles of the puzzle pieces, I wonder what it’s going to take to get it put together. A good puzzle requires a challenging photo, and some quality time together. We have the former, but now that a more normal work schedule has started up again, the latter seems less abundant. Really, it’s not that we’re not having quality time together, but we’re certainly not focused in on the puzzle as a priority.

I’m wondering if we’re going to end up putting the unfinished puzzle away until next Christmas. It flies in all that’s perfectionist in me to give up on this puzzle before we see it completed. But I may just give it another week, and then done or not, it may go away. We have other things we can do to have quality time, and I don’t have to hang on to either the guilt of not completing what I started or the unrealistic standard I place on myself to do things the way I imagine the sugar plum fairies and the gingerbread men do for a perfect holiday scene.

DAY 87 HOMEWORK: Here’s another moment to show yourself some grace. If your holiday wasn’t all you imagined it could be, pack it up and show yourself some love. There’s another Christmas coming 11 1/2 months from now and you’ll have a chance to try again. You’ve helped me, dear reader, to decide to put the puzzle away this weekend, done or not. Ah, grace!


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