Day 88: There’s no place like home

Tonight’s blog is an excerpt from my LinkedIn profile. I find the crossover between social mediums interesting, and the lines between the professional world and the private world often blur. If you know of my creative strengths, I’d appreciate a LinkedIn endorsement; I’m trying to adapt who I “am” on LinkedIn from a mainly HR role back into primarily a Creative role.

They say you can’t go home again, but it’s not exactly true. My professional passion has always been language. I love corporate communications and creatively crafting, and directing, branding. I’m instinctive, creative, strategic; I love big picture, and yet enjoy details.

Since middle school, I’ve been a quiet leader…from my first stint as local 4-H President, as 8th grade class president, through student council in high school and college, and President of the Women’s Residence Association. Over the years, I’ve lead in every role at church, except Pastor and Men’s Ministry Leader. I enjoy leading.

For a time, I put my language passion on the back burner to step into a gap that needed to be filled. Through this process, I’ve realized that “gap filler” is a strength. I can step into a role no one is willing to take, learn the role, and do a decent job of keeping the ship moving ahead until someone with a passion to steer the ship can be found.

In 2008, I took on an HR leadership role. To learn the role, I got a second Master’s degree (HR Leadership) and became certified as Human Capital Strategist and Sr. Professional of HR. I went to conferences and networked at HR functions. Despite my previous leader’s strategy of compliance, we were able to add some innovative HR strategy to the organization over the years.

In 2013, under new HR leadership and a strategy on innovative people systems, our HR team was restructured based on passions and strengths. Parts of HR I adore and proficiently execute; letting go those portions was truly difficult, but my return to language in the form of Creative Services was like taking off my shoes on a hot summer day, and running through the waves cresting on a beach. I felt it again when I switched to networking at communications functions. Ah! These people get me! I knew I was home.

DAY 88 HOMEWORK: When you think of the phrase “you can’t go home again,” what comes to mind? In some cases that may be totally true, but in others it may not be. If “home” is a passion, is there something you need to go “home” to? Think on these things.


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