Day 91: Spike, the inspiration

My sister has another grand baby, and he’s so adorable! She took off a couple days this week to fly to West Virginia so she could meet Spike. His name is Sam, but his big brother Max decided that the baby’s name would be Spike. So Spike it is, at least for now. I imagine he’s gained a nickname for life.

My sister’s daughter also seems to be in WV, visiting. At least that’s what the photos are showing me. It could have been a photo from last week, or it could have been a photo of my niece with one of Spike’s bigger brothers at that same age. I don’t really know, because I haven’t picked up the phone to call them. I’ll do that tomorrow.

As I thought about that, I wondered how often we look at photos and make some assumptions about what’s going on. We assume people are out having fun, eating yummy dinner, on vacation, or doing a million other things. In reality, they could be, OR, you could just be seeing nostalgic photos from last year, or last month, or even…gasp…they could be someone else’s photos altogether, and they just “liked” them.

That’s why real connection is so important. It validates assumptions, clears up confusion, enlightens the truth, and puts us in the middle of something we know to be real. As sweet as it is to see Spike across the miles in a photo, (and I know I can’t fly to WV right now to meet him), but it would be 100 times sweeter to be there, breathing in his sweet baby smell and squeezing him ever so tightly.

I make do with the photos, but I don’t let that substitute the chance to chat with my sister to hear her tell of all the funny grandkid stories she’s storing up for herself in these precious moments of Martin Luther Day Weekend. I’ll catch up with her tomorrow. For now, I’m letting her enjoy her Grammy time, and that makes me happy.

DAY 91 HOMEWORK: When you feel like you’re the only one not out “doing something,” take a moment to check your feelings. You can’t know that, and you shouldn’t be making assumptions. So turn those feelings around, and figure out a connection you can choose.



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