Day 92: Hodgepodge of ideas

Glorious January Saturdays: wet and gloomy, and with nothing scheduled, they are perfect for getting caught up on projects. Such was today.

I told you yesterday about a new great-nephew, Spike. I wondered if my niece was in WV visiting her new nephew (and her mom, my sister). She indeed was there, as I found out when I connected with my sister today by FaceTime. My niece was returning to her home tonight, so if I see more pictures of her with the new baby Spike, then I’ll know that she’s not really there anymore.

A few weeks ago, I spoke about finally putting up our Christmas stuff, and we did get that done today. We also worked more on that puzzle that I’m going to box up this weekend.

It felt good to wrap up some loose ends, and get some parts of my home cleaned.

One other thing got me motivated today. Yesterday, I found a new Facebook page called Buy Nothing Smyrna, TN. The concept behind the closed page is to build community by sharing with those in need (and who live in our town) by gifting things you don’t need, or that other people may be in need of. I’m also a member of our yardsale Facebook page and a couple others that allow me to buy or sell stuff, but I love the concept behind this new page. It’s getting to know others by helping them with their need. Your need may be clearing out some stuff (at least that’s my need). Or, you may have a legitimate need for something specific that you can post to see if anyone can share. A guy asked for help changing his rotors and brake pads. I don’t know how to do that, but someone may, and who knows if a friendship could be formed. I’m hoping in the summer that someone on this page wants to share some garden veggies because I haven’t learned how to grow good veggies in this clay soil of Middle Tennessee. But then again, I may figure out how to build my hydroponic garden and be able to share what we grow with others.

I love that others are thinking about ways to connect in community. It’s so necessary, and refreshing when you happen upon it.

DAY 92 HOMEWORK: Check to see if there’s a Buy Nothing page in your area. If not, consider starting one. The admin on our page said it’s popping up in other communities, and it may be just what you need to get connected.


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