Day 93: A smile a day

I’m preparing for an HR retreat, and our theme circles around a marathon. We’ve been working hard, but we have a lot of work to do yet, so we’re saying it’s going to take us time and we need to push on, even when we’re tired or frustrated.

Today, I ran around to four different Walmarts to find 30 little first aid kits to put in our goodie bags. I knew exactly what I was looking for, so it was in and out, but while I was running around, I found myself looking at the people sitting near the exits and those who were walking in and out. There were many elderly people just sitting there. I don’t know if they were waiting for someone shopping inside the stores, or if they were people watching, but I made an attempt to greet people, to talk to those standing in line by me, and to at least smile and wave at them.

These people seemed to light up with such a little gesture. It made me wonder about what more could be done. I wondered, in this technology-centered society that we’ve created, how the elderly are faring. It’s one thing for the youth and middle-aged people to feel isolated by their own choices, but the elderly can be more frequently isolated due to the stage of life they are in. It’s time to take notice.

DAY 93 HOMEWORK: People watch wherever you go. Offer a smile to those who least expect it, and, if you have the opportunity, try a pleasant conversation. And reach out to those you know personally who are elderly to see if you and stop in for a visit. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll enjoy it, too!


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