Day 95: Follow up to yesterday

I’m home from our two-day jaunt to Paducah for work, totally exhausted, but so content from the work we accomplished and the time together with the whole team. Yesterday, I conjectured that individuals in our group would congregate mostly with those they generally hang with. After the initial greetings last night, we generally fell into that pattern. Of course, there were some exceptions.

Knowing that I had blogged about this very thing in the morning, I deliberately set my things down at a chair that was a half-dozen seats down from anyone else on the leadership team. As we all sat down to dinner, I had an empty seat on either side of me. Across from me was a coworker in Payroll, and next to her was a coworker in Talent Development. I felt proud that I was managing to follow my own advice to intermingle.

Then, one of my team members sat next to Ms. Payroll, and my other team member sat to my right. I love them and was happy to eat with them, but there went my resolve to mix with others I don’t see as often. The last chair, to my left, was taken up by our newest coworker, a member of the leadership team. Ha! I just had to chuckle.

Then he said, “Look down the row…it looks like the Last Supper, with just a few more disciples.” As I looked, our leader was in the middle, and the rest of the leadership team lined the table between her and me. Even as leaders, we weren’t setting the example. Oh well, I really did try.

Today, at our planning session, we did much better intermingling. I loved seeing it; maybe all we needed was to get warmed up to being a team again. Today’s mix really was a nice symbol of the teamwork resolve we have, and I see even brighter days ahead!

DAY 95 HOMEWORK: If you’re trying to get out of your comfort zone, and it doesn’t work the way you want, don’t be down. This social experiment is one of growth. As long as we’re taking some steps forward, we’re making progress, even when it fails. Tomorrow’s a new day!


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