Day 98: Let it snow

Today was a snow day in Tennessee. A real snow day. These kind don’t happen very often, though there are school “snow days” that happen every winter, even when no snow hits the ground. Coming from northern Illinois where snow days don’t happen as often for schools (you know, we walked to school in 3 feet of snow…we really did), we tend to laugh at Tennessee snow days, but after 13 years here, we now understand that infrastructure and hilly, curvy roads do cause winter weather to be a challenge in greater Nashville. Besides, the tendency is towards ice rather than snow, and then add to that a whole slew of less-than-defensive drivers, and we have a good reason not to get on the roads when there’s a threat for snow.

So on this real snow day, we got about a half-foot of snow. That’s a great deal for the mid-south, and the most we’ve had since the winter before we moved here. Although my company closed the doors for only the second time in 10 years, I still had lots of work to do. I had planned to work from home today anyway, so I spent time working on this project I dread.

I took breaks to gaze out at the big flocks of snow coming down. It was incredibly beautiful. Usually, I’m one to don a snowsuit and get out to make snow angels and at least shovel the drive. I didn’t lose my resolve to get this project done. But even after 9 or 10 hours working on my project, I’m just over half done.

As I’m now sitting here reflecting on my day, and the sore backside from sitting at the computer all day, I should have done my usual to get out and play. But I chose not to. I chose my workaholic pattern instead of the community-building pattern I’ve been preaching about. I didn’t need to spend 9-10 hours on this project. Yes, I’m anxious to get it off my plate, but 8 hours would have been good for today. Well, I’m learning as I go, too, so hold me accountable to community.

DAY 98 HOMEWORK: Community is a choice, as is everything we do on a daily basis. You can choose it, or you can let it slip by you. Choose it. You (and your backside) will be better off for it. I know I would have been.


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