Day 101: What have you got to lose?

Maybe I’ve blogged about this before, but I’ve been a fan of The Biggest Loser since the first year it came on. I usually sit and eat chocolate while I watch it, yet it truly does inspire me. In some seasons, I’ve gotten up during the commercials to exercise. In other seasons, I haven’t, but more than watching the changes that overcome these people is the way a group of strangers come together and usually work out their team issues, and personal issues, to come out the other side with strong friendships, and are healthier, too.

I’m not foolish enough to think that people leave The Biggest Loser and never have issues with their weight again. In fact, I know that it isn’t easy for most of them to keep off the weight, because one of the contestants came to work at my company following her season on the show. She taught us all some of the tips she learned, but by the time she left our company, she had gained some of the weight back that she had lost. I’m not judging her…I just know that weight issues, like other issues in our lives, can go deeper than new knowledge and determination.

What makes some lose the weight and keep it off, and what makes others, who killed themselves to look great, rubber band back to previous habits? Most times, it’s the connection. Those who let down their defenses and allow themselves to be vulnerable and get to the root of their weight issues usually are the ones who make a transformation from the inside out.

There’s a lesson to be learned from these who can allow themselves to be vulnerable. We all have problems. But when we can connect with those with whom we can share in our inadequacies, in a safe zone, that transformation can occur.

DAY 101 HOMEWORK: Want to start to heal in some of your own issues? Find that safe group where you can open up and share your inadequacies. Naming your shame can help it to disappear, and you can replace it with positive connections with people who can pour life back into that empty space.



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