Day 102: Check in and check up

It was a crazy day: worked non-stop today, stayed way late, and heard several pieces of sad news today. I sent out some information to the whole organization today that had mistakes. Work projects are piling up, and with an early day tomorrow offsite, it means I won’t get my projects done tomorrow. And it’s not even half the week yet!

That sounds really negative and a downer, and maybe a year ago, I would have let it get me down, but I am not in that same place anymore. I look at that first paragraph and think, “Wow, there’s a lot going on. You need to get away to breathe, and pray.”

I’m not exactly sure how I’ll do that, at least until Thursday, but one of the things that I’m doing differently now, is that I’m not trying to do everything, be everything. I admit my imperfections, and accept them with as much humility as I can. It is OK to be imperfect. It is OK to feel crazy with busy-ness (for a time). It is OK to let the less important go in favor doing the more important. This craziness will pass and I’ll be able to return with a fresh mind, and be more inspiring…maybe.

DAY 102 HOMEWORK: I’m sure you’ll forgive me for being brief today, but even if you don’t, it’s OK! While you’re thinking about what you’re going to do, think back over the past 100 days and see if you’re making progress. I hope you are!


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