Day 103: Seeing, a new perspective

The third night in a row that I’ve arrived home after 9 p.m., but tonight was worth stretching my limits one more day. We’ve spent a lot of time with eye specialists over the past 14 months, since my husband had a scary bit with his retina one Thanksgiving weekend. Tonight, we went to listen to a local eye doctor, Dr. Ming Wang, who has an incredible story to tell. He has a foundation to help blind orphans see again, and we watched video after video of work he has done and the people he helped to see again.

He also told about his youth in China under a dictator who closed down schools and universities so that the youth would not be educated and want to revolt. All junior and senior high school students were forced into day labor and the only way out of it was to play an instrument or dance. So when his school closed down in 9th grade, he picked up a Chinese stringed instrument and learned how to play so he could get out of labor. He also learned to dance as a ticket to freedom. When he should have been going to 12th grade, the dictator died and so, with schools allowed to be opened again, he studied for an exam to skip the grades he missed and go right into 12th grade. He then went to college where he met an American teacher.

With $50 from that teacher and money scraped together from his relatives for a one-way flight, he landed in Washington, D.C. and somehow made his American dream come true. He graduated from Harvard and MIT. During those college years, as an atheist, he became a believer in Jesus, and in the recent movie, “God’s Not Dead,” one Chinese character was modeled after Dr. Wang’s life story.

Today, he’s quite renowned in his field and he’s written many textbooks for students of eye conditions. He holds patents for many of his revolutionary eye techniques and is accomplished as musician and ballroom dancer. Of all his story, I think my favorite piece about Dr. Wang is his heart for helping impossibly blind people see again. It’s incredibly moving, and it must be rewarding for him to see God work miracle after miracle through him.

DAY 103 HOMEWORK: As incredibly gifted as Dr. Wang is, don’t look on him with any sense of jealousy or sadness. We may not be as gifted as he is, but we all have our own journeys and various ways we can make an impact with the gifts we’ve been given and the experiences we have walked through. We just have to go out and put them to use.



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