Day 105: Character lessons unfolded

I’m pretty sure I’ve written about The Profit with Marcus Lemonis before, but even if I have, I need to write about his latest episode we watched by DVR tonight. It will be cathartic, to get the shock and irritation out of my soul before I go to sleep.

Marcus Lemonis, if you haven’t heard of him, is a businessman who invests in struggling businesses, and we get to watch the positive or negative results unfold on his show on CNBC.

The episode we watched tonight was a doozy. He invested $100,000 in a marshmallow company and the owners lied to him to gain from the infamy on the show. I’m not sure how the show works and if Marcus got the money back after walking away from his investment in them, but watching people, so evil and toxic to people in their own company, take advantage of someone who is there to help them succeed was maddening. I surely hope he gets everything back from them.

I don’t know what Marcus is like in person, because I only know how they characterize him on the show. However, if I got to sit down with him for a few minutes, I think I’d like him. He’s tough and tells it like it is, but he is so full of integrity. He holds people accountable, and makes them better. He’s very smart, and seems like an overall good guy.

You can’t tell for sure about someone until you have spent real time with them, but I do believe you can get a sense for someone by watching their patterns, and choices. For Marcus Lemonis, I simply like what my senses are telling me.

DAY 105 HOMEWORK: When looking for your kindreds, pay attention to people’s choices and how they make those choices over time. It will tell you about their character, and then you can decide if you want to “stay in business” with them, or walk away.



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