Day 108: It makes you wonder

One neighbor I met last summer posts interesting questions on Facebook. Today, she posted a thought-provoking question about going away to a secluded cabin for a month without any connectivity, tv, music, etc. She asked people to respond if they thought they could do it.

I didn’t read the responses, but I wondered how many people really could do it. The way we are so connected to the world through cyberspace, someone might answer that they could, but could they really?

She added a question: would you be able to do it if you won $100,000 at the end of the sacrifice. I continued my wondering. Would it really take some kind of a reward to make someone be able to disconnect for a month? Sure, we all like to daydream if we won some great sweepstakes, but the money somehow cheapens the question for me. I would want to know if I could be alone with myself for 30 days without any reward; yet, maybe the incentive is necessary to keep people in today’s world hanging on for that long. What do you think? Could you do it?

Work aside, I often check and re-check social media to see if there’s anything I’ve missed in the last 30 minutes. That’s a bit silly. Almost never is there anything there that I couldn’t live without knowing. Is some of it nice to know? Sure. But I could get along without knowing. Even if I turned off the 10:00 news before it starts, is what I’m hearing critical to know? It is nice to hear the weather report, but most of the rest of the evening news is negative news anyway. Why do we have such a hard time disconnecting, even from negativity?

It’s part of the reason we’re on this journey. It’s good to examine our motivations, our needs for connecting in some way, even if it’s not in person.

DAY 108 HOMEWORK: What’s your motivation for connecting in cyberspace over connecting in person. Give that some thought. Could you disconnect for 30 days? for 20 days? Even 5 days? Maybe we should try. (But then how would you read my blog?) OK. Disconnect, but then come back to me and catch up. 🙂


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