Day 110: Very unpleasant habit

Tonight, I’m thinking about friendships, and the judgments we make when we meet someone. We all do it. We look at someone based on our past experiences, and we can choose how we view that person based on those past experiences, and then we behave based on that thought process. It’s not usually a conscience choice. That’s all going on behind the scenes, in the neurons synapsing across your brain. I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV. I don’t exactly know if that’s where the process is happening, but I hope you get the concept I’m trying to describe.

We have a choice when we meet people to give them the benefit of the doubt, despite what our internal voices are telling us. Frankly, sometimes our inner voices are wrong. Other times, they’re right on. But building a defense wall to hide behind won’t help us to know, because we never give ourselves a chance to see which it is. And when we hide behind the wall, it supports the voices that tell you a person isn’t friendly, even if you could be writing off a kindred in disguise.

On top of that, when you start to believe that people aren’t friendly, it feeds the cycle where you don’t want to come out from behind the wall, and think pessimistically. It’s a cycle of negativity. And who wants to be an Eeyore? (even if he is lovable in his own way).

I’m not saying that finding kindreds is easy. Sometimes you do get burned. Sometimes someone you think could be a friend doesn’t reciprocate. Sometimes all the negative things you think in your head come true, but what if you’re just doing what you’re prophesying to yourself? Maybe you’re creating your own cycle of negativity and pushing people away. Well, let’s just stop that cycle.

DAY 110 HOMEWORK: Take a little inventory of your own thought process. At what point do you give someone the chance to be a friend. Do they have to prove they’re worthy first? Do you shoot before you ask questions and get to know them? Are you creating your own cycle of negativity. Let’s break free from this pattern and start a revolution.


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