Day 116: Learning from others

Today, I got the opportunity to listen to 5 accomplished women talk about their experiences in the business world.

The first woman was the moderator and is on the board of our company. As she interviewed the other 4 women, she would add her commentary about her own life. At one point in her career, she left a good job with benefits to start a consulting business with no immediate salary, benefits, vacation, etc. To date, she’s started two very successful consulting businesses. She was a self-described Networker.

The second woman was actually on maternity leave but left her new baby for a few hours so she could come share with us. She was rather young, and had always wanted to live in Europe, so a few years after college, she went to live in Prague and taught English. She then lived in London, NYC, and now Nashville and works as an HR Business Partner. She described herself as Compassionate.

The third woman was middle-aged and is CEO of the regional YWCA. Her advice was to let no one decide your priorities for you. But, she said, if you don’t decide what your priorities are, someone WILL decide your priorities for you. She stressed that your personal goals and your business goals need to align; otherwise, you should make your way to a business that aligns so you can be at peace. I think she said she was an Encourager.

The fourth woman was a little further along in her journey, had previously owned a couple of paid-off McDonalds, and had a 7-figure salary. She sold those businesses to start her Bun company and struggled for a few years to even make ends meet. Today, she is again a very successful CEO and owner of a prosperous business. She spoke often about going with your gut, and acting on what you know to be right. She described herself as Visionary.

The fifth woman was, again, a younger woman. She also left a fantastic job with a great salary and perks, to work with her father to try to resurrect his transportation business. She didn’t say how it was doing today, but the business was supposed to close its doors and is clearly still open, and thriving. Her word for herself? Impact.

As I listened to these women, I kept thinking that there is not much difference between them and me, or you. They all talked about having it “all,” at least as far as how you define “all” for yourself. I guess the big difference is that they had crossed paths at one point, and were asked by the moderator to share their stories. We don’t need to shrink back when someone asks us to share our stories. We all have an interesting story…we just have to be willing to share it.

DAY 116 HOMEWORK: What is your “all”? Do you know? Have you even thought about it? That’s the first place to start. Knowing what is our “all,” we can reach for that reality and we can achieve it.


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