Day 118: Killing a bunch of birds with one stone

Years ago, I used to make a month’s worth of meals at one time. I still have that recipe book, and even make some of the more favorite of those meals from time-to-time, but it’s probably been two decades since I’ve tried the mass-production of meals. I’m not sure why I stopped, because it sure makes life easier. Maybe it got to be too much when I had a little one at home. Conceptually, you freeze the meals, and pull one out every night to throw in the crockpot, or else-wise cook, the next day.

This week, I tried it again through WildTree. I like the concept of doing the prep work with the veggies ahead of time, and then adding the meat and spices at the party, and then just dropping the loaded bags into the freezer. It was much easier than what I used to do, and since it uses healthy spices (no preservatives, lower sodium, etc.) and grass-fed meat that is produced without hormones or other yucky stuff, I will enjoy eating these meals much more. My freezer is loaded, and we have meals until the middle of March for less than our monthly groceries add up to normally.

Maybe what I liked best about WildTree is that you do it with other people, so you make connections, but you’re really working for yourself at the same time. In this way, you can talk when you want, or be silent when you want, and no one is anxious over that. When you finish your assembly, you can go home, or help out someone else who isn’t done yet. It was loads of fun, healthy, and rewarding all at once.

We’ll start eating the meals soon, and the proof of its worth will be in the taste. I think I’m going to enjoy it tremendously, but even if I don’t, I do like that I tried something new, and I did it while connecting. I’ll let you know in a few days what I think.

DAY 118 HOMEWORK: Assembling more than one meal at a time may not be your cup of tea, but what can you do to simplify your life and still connect with others? Give it some thought, and then give it a try.


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