Day 120: Check up

I love that connections are becoming a topic of conversation. I’ve seen several memes about connections pass through my feed just in the past hour, and my sister and I were also talking about her thoughts on it this evening. Of course, not all of that is because I’ve started a blog, but it does make me feel like my blog is doing something more than just being words on a page. And of course, my radar is up for anything relating to connections, so I will notice.

My sister was talking about something she’s noticing with her connections, and her thoughts were insightful. She’s paying attention to what she’s improving on, and what she still needs to do, and I’m so proud of her progress. It was fun to hear how she’s processing everything.

For me, I’m working on reaching out when I don’t necessarily want to, and just being intentional helps me to make better choices. Sometimes I slip. This morning, I was getting a little irritated at the amount of time it took to get through a couple of check-out lines, and it was mostly because people were talking. Way. Too. Much. But, when I stopped to think about it, they were being much more transformational than just transactional. And maybe that’s why society has moved towards being more transactional…we lose our patience when we have to wait for connection to happen. We just want to get in and out, and be on to the next thing. But when we are strictly transactional, we can forget that there are people behind the transaction, and most of them probably need a transformational moment along the way.

I’ve often said that I’m imperfect. As much as I want to be perfect, it’s not going to happen. The critical thing is that I’m making progress. It may be one step forward, two steps back, but at least I’m moving forward so I’ll keep pressing on, and encouraging you to join me.

DAY 120 HOMEWORK: Do a check on your progress 4 months in. Are you thinking about connections? Are you acting on the impulses to make connections? Do you still need work? Wherever you are in the journey, tomorrow is a new day. Let’s keep moving forward.


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