Day 121: A bite at a time

What kind of dreams have you had? Maybe dreams from your childhood that you’ve put on hold? What if you could actually complete that dream, just by doing a little at a time? Maybe your dream was to be a painter. Could you paint your masterpiece a few minutes at a time? Maybe it was to get an education; could you take just one class at a time? Maybe it was to write a book, but with a busy life, writing a book seems like a huge undertaking.

My foster brother, Steve, sparked tonight’s blog by a question he asked. He asked if I was going to write a book. So, I pulled all my blogs out into a Word document this afternoon and found that I had about 100 pages! That’s writing 200-300 words a day for four months. Isn’t that crazy? I’m not even a third of the way through my one-year challenge.

Of course, it’s not really even a dream of mine, but to come up with 100 pages with just a small investment every day really shocked me! It’s proof that a little bit over time goes a long way. I mentioned a few days ago that my sister was following someone who taught house cleaning a little bit at a time every day. This experiment today reinforced the idea that it really is possible!

DAY 121 HOMEWORK: What kinds of dreams do you still dream? Take a look at how you can break it down and do a bit every day. You’ll reach your dream before you know it.


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