Day 122: The power of the mind

Much has been written about the mind. I’m no scientist (in fact, I always got bored in science classes), but the mind fascinates me. I’ve read (in Anatomy of the Soul) about the pathways that are formed over time throughout the mind as we develop thinking and behavior patterns. It makes it hard to change the way we behave because the thought processes tend toward the wide paths that are already formed rather than forging new pathways towards new, and better, habits.

One author, Dr. Caroline Leaf, in her book called Switch on Your Brain, says that our toxic thoughts can cause a breeding ground for illness. So our minds are powerful in the ability they have to lift us up or keep us down, make us well, or allow illness in. And, of course, many positive thinkers over the past few decades have preached positivity. There’s a fine line where positivity can cross over to fanaticism and even fraud, but what if we could affect so many parts of our lives with some right thinking?

At our Bible study tonight, we were talking about the Helmet of Salvation that Paul mentions in his letter to the church at Ephesus. Paul was in jail when he wrote that letter, and he was using the helmet of the Roman soldiers around him as an illustration of this spiritual principle. The study was stressing that if we have life in Jesus, we need to put on the Helmet of Salvation, which he has provided, to protect our minds from the garbage that the devil throws at us. We can be tossed with the wind as negativity invades our thinking, or we can be strong in the Lord and all the blessings he has already provided to us. We just usually don’t take advantage of them because we go out without our helmets on.

I’m just scratching the surface of these ideas, so I may come back to them when my ideas are more fully formed; in the meantime, let’s take every opportunity to reorder our thinking and focus on who we really are.

DAY 122 HOMEWORK: What are you doing with your mind? Do you let the wide paths determine your patterns? Do you protect your mind from the negative and degrading thoughts that enter your mind, or do you let the negativity swirl around? You can affect your health, your emotional well-being, and your spiritual effectiveness by putting on your Helmet, so get it on!


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