Day 123: Time out

I’m working on a recognition toolkit at work. The goal is to create a stronger culture of appreciation. Our business is very similar to a family, strong ties, and caring for one another, but we’re also like a family in that we can take each other for granted. We work hard and sometimes it feels like there’s no need even say “thanks.” Of course, our people aren’t rude, we just don’t have that strong culture of appreciation.

So our goal is to create a kit with things that will motivate our associates to be appreciative of what they see around them. We’re working on a fun portion, but a great part of this toolkit will be tips, reminders, and ways to recognize those people on our teams, or our peers, or even our leaders.

What I’m finding, as I work on this process, is that the most important thing is to stop for a few minutes every day to be grateful and to recognize what’s happening in real time. I truly believe that most people are grateful for other’s assistance, or the benefits they receive, or the answers someone provides on a tough problem. But maybe we’re so busy picking up what we’re given, like a baton in a relay, and we’re racing off to the next thing, without stopping to say how much we appreciate it (whatever “it” is).

For two days, I’ve been meaning to send recognition to our team for the outstanding teamwork they displayed, but I realized as I started tonight’s blog that I left work without taking the minute to get that sent off. My brain has been appreciative, but my pace hasn’t allowed me express it. In our home, we remind ourselves often that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and I’m reminded again that my unspoken appreciation is several inches under the asphalt.

Just as I am learning to give myself grace and forgiveness since I am imperfect, I’m not going to beat myself up about this. However, another thing I need to learn to give myself is moments of downtime to relax, and soak in the gratitude…and having done that, to share.

DAY 123 HOMEWORK: Who are you grateful for? Take a moment to share, and be specific so the person knows why you’re doing it.



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