Day 124: Wood you believe it?

Sometimes you find connections in odd places. I worked from home today and when I took a break for lunch, I ran my daughter-in-love over to the pharmacy. When I got home, a termite company truck was parked in the middle of my driveway. We had hired them last year when one of our door frames was partially eaten up overnight by the little, but destructive, invaders.

This company’s treatment plan was effective, but they didn’t complete the plan through the end of the year. We have a fenced-in backyard and they couldn’t figure out how to get in the backyard to check those traps. Instead of calling to find a time to get in the fence, they just didn’t finish it. When we got their invoices to renew the contract this year, I did not want to re-up. Nothing gets me as much as shoddy customer service and someone defaulting on what they say they’ll do.

So when I got out of my vehicle, I didn’t know what to expect. The woman who had parked in the middle driveway came up and told me she was there to repo the traps. Her name is Mari Jo, a mason by trade, but now a termite specialist. We got into a pleasant conversation about my disappointment in their customer service. By the end of the conversation, I ended up giving her a check for another year of service in exchange for her word that she’d be the one to come back and do the work.

Mari Jo said the guys at the company were asking what she’s doing to bring customers back to the business. She philosophized: “It’s not rocket science; you just have to show people you care.” Well-said, Mari Jo. Well-said.

DAY 124 HOMEWORK: Mari Jo’s customer service is rare these days, and we can learn from her. Where do you provide some form of customer service to someone. Follow Mari Jo, and just show people you care.


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