Day 127: Celebrating Life

Remember a few days ago, when I told you about my friend who had just lost her mom? Today was her mom’s birthday, and instead of having a big funeral this week, my friend decided to have the birthday party she had previously planned, and celebrate all that her mom was to her, complete with a birthday cake and decorations. I’m so glad that my friend went ahead with the party; it was the right thing for her to do. Her extended family was there, and for a few hours, friends came and went. Of course, there were tears, but there were lots of beautiful stories going on in all corners of my friend’s home.

I loved seeing all the people who were interacting. People from various places in the world, all affected in one way or another by this one life. They were mingling and chatting about the mutual love for my friend and/or her mother. A good group of coworkers joined in, and everyone was laughing and hugging and eating. It was such a nice way to celebrate a life and, though I’m sure it wouldn’t work for everyone, it was refreshing.

My friend will have tough days ahead, but she is well-loved. Though I knew that, it was heartwarming to witness that love firsthand. And she’ll have plenty of us to help her through those days that can sometimes knock you off your feet.

Happy birthday, Carol! So glad we could celebrate you today.

DAY 127 HOMEWORK: Rest tonight in the love around you, and celebrate life.





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