Day 128: Connecting even in the movies

Tonight, my blog will be short, and it’s just for fun. I’m doing a movie review, so read on if you’re interested in my recommendation.

We watched The Intern this weekend, and it was a great comedy. Aside from a few bad words, the movie was one that kept you guessing. Starring Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway, of course the acting was excellent, but I think what I liked more than the acting was the values that the movie was trying to speak to: marriage is valuable, and retired folks still have much we can learn from.

I’m a little surprised, really, that I liked the movie so much. I wasn’t expecting to. It looked cute, but often a movie preview will show the funniest parts of the movie, and when you watch it, the rest of it is meh. Not so with this one.

The other thing that caught me off guard is how well it fit along with my blog. It was about connection with people, and left me considering its message. When a movie can do that, it is more than entertainment. It’s enriching.

I recommend this one. I think you’ll find it funny, and I’ll bet you smile for a while after you watch it.

DAY 128 HOMEWORK: Rent the movie and let me know what you think. I’d love to discuss ideas from the film with you.


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