Day 129: Think twice

A coworker sent me a cartoon today. He was making a statement about employment, and taking full advantage of older, experienced employees.

The caption was, “Think twice before loosing (sic) your old & dedicated employees.” A man was standing at the end of a board, somewhat like a diving board, but instead of being over a pool, the board was hanging off of a cliff. The man at the end of the board represented “Management” and was looking back at the man on the cliff, who represented “Best Employee.” “Management” had a gun pointed at “Best Employee,” but the kicker is that “Best Employee” was standing on the board, and was the only thing holding the board up in the air.


Obviously, the message was about how bad it is for management when a company pushes out older, experienced employees. But I got thinking about how often this cartoon could represent us in other relationships. How often do we “shoot” old friends for something, maybe even something silly? How often do we burn bridges with previous employers because we’re irritated with something? How often do we write off a potential friend when we make a judgment based on little information? In any of these cases, we are sabotaging ourselves, and we’re the ones who lose out.

DAY 129 HOMEWORK: Is there anyone you’re “aiming your gun” at? Before you pull the trigger, consider the implications. Is it really in your best interest to do so? You’d better think twice!


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