Day 132: My little buddy

Tonight’s connector is my little buddy, my little brother, Timmo. Tim is an all-around great guy and it’s really hard not to like him. It wasn’t always that way. He could be a pain in my backside when we were little. Of course, that’s what a big sister will always say, but in reality, we got along pretty well all through the years, and today, he’s one of my best friends.

Tim is a family man and a realtor, and does a super job of caring for both his family and his clients. He speaks with such pride over what his wife and boys are doing. In his work, he celebrates each client’s joy as they buy or sell their homes, and his reviews from his clients are glowing. But I think what Tim does better than most people I know is that he is incredible at connecting. He started an online site for his town of Peoria, IL, (#PeoriaLife) where photographers and writers can contribute information and photos showing their mutual love for their hometown. Most recently, Timmo and his connections started up a handful of radio shows about Peoria. He was telling me tonight that a local TV anchor and a newspaper journalist have joined his radio shows as hosts, and the number of “likes” on his sites is growing quickly. He’s pouring his heart into getting the radio shows up and running, and even though he’s exhausted, it somehow energizes him.

I’m so proud of my little buddy. His creative energy encourages others, and he connects people who can collectively do something way beyond what they could do by themselves. He’s a great example of a kindred who finds other kindreds. He builds a love for his community, and shares that love with as many others as he can find. He inspires me, and I’ve decided I want to be just like him when I grow up.

DAY 132 HOMEWORK: Give a kindred you love a call. Take the time to catch up. Sometimes just listening to all that’s going on around them can inspire you to be better than you think you can be.


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