Day 133: It’s time

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, a moving picture is worth what? Probably a dissertation. This morning, I saw a video that spoke volumes. It was a moment between parents and their kids to reinforce the idea of connecting. Take a minute to watch it:” target=”_blank”>Who would you most like to have dinner with?

If kids are so sure of the need for connection, why do we grow up and lose sight of that? I think it’s mostly because we get tired. We are so busy running our kids and ourselves around, we can’t always know if we’re coming or going. If we’re not all together at the same time because of sports, or games, or other types of practices, or work, or whatever it is, it’s easy to have everyone grab something to eat on the run, or eat in shifts.

Maybe it’s time to pay attention to what our families are truly hungry for. It’s time, literally, and a few minutes of attention.

DAY 133 HOMEWORK: Plan a family meal this weekend, with no media, no phones, and sweet conversation.


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