Day 134: Change of plans

Today was a surprise. I got up early to take my daughter-in-love to Franklin, about 40 minutes away, and I planned to stop to pick up my sister so we could go out for breakfast and run a few errands together. Then, I would get working on a day full of projects so I could cross them off my list. When we got to my sister’s house, our friend, Debbie, from Illinois, came out of her house. It’s been a year or two since I’ve seen Deb, so it was a really pleasant surprise.

Deb and her husband, Stan, are long-time friends of my sister; she’s known Deb from back in their youth, and in college days. I got to know Deb and Stan well as an adult, and so we all get along together well, and laugh a lot. They’re kindreds.

We spent the day looking through quaint shops and shopping and catching up on news from back home. We laughed as much as we talked, and along with the sunshine, the laughter did all of our hearts good. We ended the day with a dinner with all of our husbands, and enjoyed the story-telling until we had to call it a day.

Debbie has been following this blog, so she did point out that coming to see us in person was much better than seeing us on Skype, and that we were following the advice on the blog by spending the day connecting face-to-face. I agreed. Although I hadn’t expected to do much of anything that I actually did today, I had a blast and enjoyed the surprise I was given. The stuff that was on the to-do list will wait for another day…connecting with some kindreds was a million times more important.

DAY 134 HOMEWORK: Don’t count changes in plans as a distraction. Roll with it and focus on the connections you’re making. That’s the stuff that real life is made of.


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