Day 135: Dinner invitation

This tale has both a positive message and a lesson to learn. This morning, we met a new couple in church. I could tell right away they were potential kindreds. It was evident from their hugs and the sweet Spirit that emminated from them. We stood and spoke with them for about 10 to 15 minutes after everyone had left the sanctuary. Conversation was easy, and it was so refreshing! At one moment, the guy said, “I think people are more lonely today even though they are more connected and have hundreds or thousands of ‘friends.'” Ha! It’s exactly what I’ve been saying!

I asked them to come to lunch next weekend. I wasn’t prepared to do lunch today, or otherwise, I would have asked them over on the spot. But I needed some time. The last time I asked someone to lunch (and that was several years ago), it was such a pleasant time, but that couple has never initiated anything in return, except for a few pleasantries in the halls at church. At least from my previous experience, those who are true kindreds are reciprocal in friendship. Then, I went through some trying, emotional times, and that kept me from trying again. But I had to be ok again with reaching out to someone who may not be reciprocal. I’m there now. I can’t tell you that this new couple will be reciprocal at all, but I also can’t tell you that they won’t be. My calling is not to be hospitable to only those who will be reciprocal, but to be hospitable. Period. In this moment of being hospitable, maybe new reciprocal friendships will be formed. One can hope.

So, the lesson to learn was my greatest faux pas for the day. I’m not beating myself up over it, but since I’m a recovering perfectionist, I do need to confess it so you know that I can accept less than perfect execution. At the end of the conversation, I neglected to get the number of the couple I had just invited to dinner next weekend. My son had given them his cell number, so he volunteered to be the mediator of our outing. I was thinking, in the moment, “how sweet of him; let him arrange it.” Later, I realized that meant that it was on the couple’s head to arrange our lunch next week, when we were the hosts. They probably won’t call since they would essentially be inviting themselves over. How silly of me! Of course, after a time, a kindred could easily invite themselves over, but they may not  wish to start a relationship out like that.

I’ll let you know next weekend how it turns out. At the very least, I hope I run into them at church next week.

DAY 135 HOMEWORK: When was the last time you invited someone over for dinner? If it’s been a while, try it! If it’s not, then try inviting someone new over to broaden opportunity for potential kindreds.


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