Day 136: Monday, Monday

It was a Monday. I mean, really a Monday. By the time I got home, I was frustrated. Traffic was crazy and I was probably a bit too aggressive on the highway. My jaw was tight, and even deep breathing did little to make me relax.

I walked into the house, and the aroma of a cooked meal did what deep breathing couldn’t do. Remember the food party I talked about a few weeks ago? The prepared meals in the freezer have made mealtime much easier. But then add in my daughter-in-love who made it, and it seemed like I had just walked into a piece of heaven on earth.

Being at home with family makes all the craziness of the day melt away. I start to breathe easy, and just sharing a few of the crazy parts of the day makes them all seem less irritating.

Following the yummy dinner, my daughter-in-love picked up a guitar to play some songs she learned today. We were singing together, messing up the words and singing off key, but it was fun and freeing. It was also good to see how well she’s progressed over the past few months. Music, laughter, and conversation; it made it seem like Monday was far away.

Within an hour, I was back to my normal self, and de-stressed. There’s something about home that lets me unwind. Some days are going to be crazy, but having that haven makes it all bearable.

DAY 136 HOMEWORK: I hope that home for you is a haven. If not, what can you change so that you have a bit of community within your walls? It can make all the difference in your sanity some days, so it’s worth the effort to work on it.


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