Day 137: …that melt into spring

There’s something about the change from winter into spring that brings such a joy to my heart and a dance in my step. Even though, technically, spring is a few weeks away, the spring in Tennessee comes a lot quicker than in northern Illinois. February and the first days of March can certainly feel like spring here.

The grass in Tennessee is terrible, and coarse, but in spring, when it starts to turn green, I can overlook the way it strings together and takes over all my gardens. The birds start to wake me up before dawn with their beautiful songs. The first flowers of spring start to break from the cracked ground. The smell in the air begins to sweeten, and even with rain pouring down outside my window, my heart wants to break out with a chorus of “The hills are alive with the sound of music.”

As twilight lingers just a bit more each evening, I come alive with a new hope and perspective for the flowers and warmth that is heading our way. I sit outside a while longer, dreaming of my summer yard projects. While I know that oppressive heat may come our way in the not-too-distant future, for these days, I soak in the wonder, the smells, the joy of spring. And I bubble over with gladness. While there is beauty in each season, and I love them all for different reasons, spring is where my heart is home.

DAY 137 HOMEWORK: Make a list of what you’re looking forward to in this next season. Sometimes just thinking of the possibilities can lighten your load.


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