Day 141: The Worship Society

I’m super excited. Today was the beginning of an answer to a prayer long prayed. And it fits so nicely with what I’ve been preaching the last 140 days on Finding Kindreds. We go to a large church, and while I love the teaching, the singing, and the mission of the church, I have found it difficult to connect with my kindreds there, partially due to my work schedule; partially due to my northern upbringing and the wonder that is everything southern; and partially because of the journey I’ve been on and I just haven’t found my niche yet.

Of course, there are people that I love at our church, and some have moved away, but in terms of finding my kindreds, I walked into overwhelming potential today at #TheWorshipSociety.

The Worship Society is a new creative community our church is starting. Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, and we have creativity oozing from every corner. But what I found especially refreshing was the humbleness of the group. It’s not a “I’m front and center” type of community, where one group is lording its “fame” or “accomplishments” over the others. It’s a group that values community, communication, consistency, creativity and change.

The way it works is this: There are 5 Voices lead by church staff members: Band (everything instrumental); Worship Leader (everything singing); Production (lights, cameras, audio and staging…and more); Creative (design, photography, etc); and Communication (social media, website, apps, and even print). The Voices overlap and will be collaborative.

Each Voice will have Leads, or laypeople who lead a group of people in specific areas. For example, I met the Photography/Cinematography Lead today. He’ll get direction from the Creative Voice and have a Crew, or volunteers who work in the areas that are their passions; so a photographer would be a crew member on this team. I’ve been producing a magazine the past year, and I’ve been looking for photographers, writers and graphic designers who can lend me their skills. See how the collaboration will multiply what can be accomplished?

Once a month, each Voice or Lead will hold Advance Lab where the crew members can learn new abilities and deepen their skill sets. About four times a year, the whole Worship Society will come together to hear special speakers and to worship and fellowship. And then, at least 4 times a year, the Leads will host Crew Hangs, where the smaller crews can gather and get to know each other better in community.

If you’re interested in finding out more, you can follow @TheWorshipSociety on Facebook or Instagram; or @WorshipSociety on Twitter. They’re also working on a website, that will be up and running soon.

I loved it from the start, when our Worship Pastor opened up with a quote from Howard Thurman about finding “undiscovered brothers” and the fight for community has to be intentional. The Worship Society is Finding Kindreds in another form, and I love how things have all been aligning. God is able to do way above what we can ask or even imagine!

DAY 141 HOMEWORK: Check out the information on Facebook: @TheWorshipSociety. If you’re not at our church, and you’re a creative, you may want to model parts of The Worship Society to bring community in a similar fashion where you are.


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