Day 145: Reduce. Repeat.

I had training at work today on decision making. It was engaging, and the group was fun, and I kept thinking about Finding Kindreds. Why? One of the first principles we learned was Reduce: boiling a problem down to the one main thing you have to figure out.

The one thing I’ve been trying to figure out for the past 4 months is connecting. How do we make decisions on the best way to connect? What are the key principles that we have to  embrace in order to find our kindreds?

We’ve talked about how much we’re sucked in by social media, our computers, and our phones. We’ve talked about knowing what it is that we’re looking for. We’ve talked about feeling good about who we are as imperfect individuals so that we’re not always beating ourselves up or finding fault with each nitpicking trait that bothers us. We’ve talked about stepping outside ourselves and being brave as we reach out to others who may reject us.

What’s the worst case scenario if we don’t decide to connect? Probably the worst thing I can imagine is dying a lonely death while we have a pity party. But what’s the best case scenario if we do decide to connect?  Untold joy, friendships, pouring into others; I can think of a long list.

This decision is an easy one for me. Focusing on connecting is the only answer. And if we can reduce it to one connection at a time, and then keep repeating it, we’ll be living on the best-case-scenario end of the spectrum. We just have to decide to do it.

DAY 145 HOMEWORK: You may have been following me for a while, or you may be reading Finding Kindreds for the first time. No matter. Decide for yourself how important connection is for you, and then take the steps needed. If you need some tips, go back and read some earlier content.



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