Day 149: I didn’t expect to blog about NASCAR

This weekend was clock change time. When you spring ahead, that means you lose an hour, and for me, that usually comes out of my sleep time. Somehow, it always seems to happen that we stay up extra late on this sleepy weekend. On Friday, we were up until midnight and got up early on Saturday morning. I may have slept 6 1/2 hours. On Saturday night, we were up until 11, but when we remembered we had to change clocks, that means it was midnight again. I slept a bit more, but maybe only got 8 hours. That’s pretty short for someone like me who enjoys sleep. That led to me taking a nap this afternoon. A NASCAR race was on, and nothing puts me to sleep like the roar of the engines going around a track.

It reminds me of my childhood. When I was really little, we lived next to a road that was a busy route for semi-trucks in the middle of the night. I can remember crawling into bed in between my parents on nights when I woke from a bad dream, and I would watch the lights of the trucks stream by on my parents’ bedroom ceiling. The roar of the trucks going by would soon put me back to sleep.

Then, as I grew, we usually watched NASCAR races on Sunday afternoons, back when it was called the Winston Cup. My mom was from Wisconsin and lots of racers come out of Wisconsin, so maybe that’s why we watched them. I learned early of the great racing families, Petty, Elliot, LaBonte, Earnhardt, Foyt, Jarrett, and I could go on and on, and we watched Indy racing, too, so it was an early introduction to international racers…and maybe that was an early seed of loving all-things foreign.

I’m not really sure that racing was something my mom loved, or if she just loved dozing off on Sunday afternoons to the sound of the rubber on the track, and the engines lulling her to sleep…and me too. It still works. and I’m so happy to have caught up a bit from springing ahead last night. I know the next few days at work will feel a bit sluggish…it always does…but at least I can go into the week a bit more prepared than I was this morning.

DAY 149 HOMEWORK: Sleep tight…and find time to catch up on your rest from the recent time change. It will be a great way to help balance out the week ahead.



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