Day 151: Technology trap

Today, I read an article by a local coach I really like. I’m sure she’d be a kindred if I spent any real time with her. Executive Coach Nancy Reese has learned how to connect with people, and knows how to give attention. We can all learn from the lessons she’s learned and continues to practice.

She listed 7 specific steps she takes, but 5 of them really resonated with me, especially to simplify phone and email use:

  1. When she’s working on projects, she turns off iTunes, notifications for email and messages, and chat features
  2. She doesn’t check email after 7 pm. Email can wait until morning.
  3. She only checks email 2 – 3 times a day, and has no email notifications on her phone so she can focus on the person she’s with or the project she’s on. (I’m not sure I can do this one since I use my inbox as my to-do list.)
  4. She says NO to her phone so she can have face-to-face time, whether in a meeting or in a checkout line.
  5. She rests from technology on Sundays and vacations, talking on the phone, but not looking at email.

Her last two items were about social media and not putting too much stress on herself to do it all. She finished up her article with this advice: “Start small and set 1 or 2 boundaries around the technology in your life.”

It’s what I’ve been preaching. Little bites, everyday, can help us to get free from the obsessions of technology. If you take inventory of how much time you actually stare into your phone, you might realize the time-sucker in your hand and just doing a little bit can increase the quality time you have with those around you.

DAY 151 HOMEWORK: What 1 or 2 things can you do to set a technology boundary in your life?


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