Day 152: I know you!

Tonight, I met a new friend: a very sweet and beautiful young woman who happens to be the wife of our worship pastor. We started talking about her kids and homeschooling, and I found out she likes photography. She had a photography business where they lived in California, and sometimes she flies home to see her family, and her customers there who still want her business pay for trip. Seems like a smart deal.

She said a few things that were especially interesting to me, in light of kindreds. Because her husband is well-known, and is more in the limelight (my words, not hers), she said she doesn’t often get to meet people. People know her husband and say hi to him, and know her vicariously. They’ve seen her pictures, and know about her from his comments, so they never really introduce themselves to her. If she hadn’t started a conversation with me tonight, I might have done the same thing. I introduced myself to her, but when she said who she was, I told her I already knew. But I didn’t really know. I knew of her, but I didn’t know her. She also said it was refreshing when she actually gets to meet someone on her own worth (again, my words).

What she wasn’t saying and what I put together is that she’s a lot like me, the quiet one in the family. I have often “hid” behind my son or my husband because they are much more outgoing than I am, and both are often better known for various reasons. By doing that, I may have come off as stuck up, or uninterested, but that’s not at all who I am. I probably missed out on knowing some kindreds by doing that. I know I’ve had pity parties over those types of situations, feeling like people didn’t want to get to know me. I didn’t have any preconceived ideas about my new friend before tonight, so it’s doubtful that anyone ever had those ideas about me. It’s all emotion and lies inside my own head, and so unnecessary.

My new friend could have shut me down when I said I knew who she was, but she didn’t. She asked me questions, and opened up to me about her life. She was an example to me of how to reach out. No shrinking, but just having pleasant conversation when you meet someone new. It’s how friendships start out, and where kindred hearts begin to connect.

DAY 152 HOMEWORK: Is there anyone you haven’t gotten to know just because you know who they are? Don’t overlook them. Take some time to actually get to know them, not just about them. They will feel that connection, and you just might find a kindred.


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