Day 154: Project update & some bull

Feeling mighty fine tonight. While I didn’t totally finish my project I discussed yesterday, I did stay at work long enough today to get through the part that was making me stall. I printed out a copy and on Monday, I can get some answers on the few remaining parts. What a relief to get over that hurdle! I feel like I can go into the weekend with a skip in my step.

Since I got home late and nothing was on TV, we pulled up a movie about a bull rider who connects with a woman who is totally opposite him. The cool part of the movie, in terms of kindreds, is where they pull an old man from a car accident and the girl befriends the man as he is convalescing. I loved that connection. It made me so happy to see an unusual relationship in the middle of this love story that was simply about someone stepping outside of themselves and pouring into the life of another who was in need. In the process, both benefitted from the relationship. And I benefitted from seeing it. That serendipitous piece of human connection in the midst of a more predictable storyline gave me a boost of happy, and now I can go to sleep in peace.

DAY 154 HOMEWORK: The more you pay attention to connection around you, the more you will start to see it. Pay attention, and let it influence you to let your guard down.



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