Day 155: I feel good (James Brown style)

It was a great day for connecting. Remember my friends who lost their twins on the day before New Year’s? My friends had finally healed enough, physically, to hold the memorial service for those beautiful little boys. So early this morning, my friend Marie, my daughter-in-love, and I got in the car to head down to Manchester. We had pleasant conversation on the way down there, and then, when we got there, we had each other for support. We walked in together and looked at the precious artwork and toys that belonged to each boy. We filled with tears looking at the photos, and collectively headed over to offer support to these dear people who have been so strong in their faith despite this horrific tragedy. We offered prayers and hugs, but no words were available, or even fitting. The dad still needs more physical healing, but he looked so good. I held on tightly to this godly mother who so needs continued prayers just to get through moment-by-moment and day-by-day. I was hugging her for all of my kindreds far and wide who couldn’t be there today to give her hugs of their own. Continue to lift them up in prayer as they come to mind.

In early afternoon, we went to my sister’s house to see my parents who arrived in town a couple of days ago. It’s the first time I’ve seen them since the wedding last year. We ladies went to a quaint shop in town, and spent time laughing and looking at all the interesting wares for sale. At one point, I was shaking my keys along to the music on overhead and I started to dance. The lady behind the counter let out a belly laugh, and I got embarrassed for a minute, but then I told myself that was the old me, the one with the plastic facade. I told her I like to enjoy life wherever I am; that was the true me, silly and proud of who I’m becoming, and no longer embarrassed by what others might think.

This evening, I went to the first “society night” for The Worship Society. It was a cool time of sharing, singing, and seeing creativity in action, and community in motion. It was refreshing, and it felt like I’m seeing an answer to a long-prayed prayer unfold before my eyes. Who I’m becoming and who God’s shaping me to be is finally making some sense. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m excited for the journey ahead.

DAY 155 HOMEWORK: How’s your journey coming? Are you unfolding the way you were meant to be unfolded? Take some inventory to see how things are looking.


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