Day 156: March Madness

I’m not normally a big basketball fan. I liked it in my school days as a cheerleader, and I definitely loved the Bulls during the years of Michael Jordan. But other than that, I can pretty much take it or leave it. I’ve never really paid attention to March Madness.

This week, Middle Tennessee upset Michigan. I guess no one expected that because they were the underdog and Michigan was near the top. Of course, not following college ball, I didn’t know about Michigan’s ranking, so I wasn’t surprised that MTSU won. I had heard earlier in the week that MTSU had won a tough game and seemed to be on a roll, so I made the assumption that they would keep winning.

I knew today they were playing Syracuse because our friend, Bob, is from NY. He was really interested in this game. I checked the score at half-time and saw that MTSU was losing but not by much. I was impressed that they could hang in there for half-time. They didn’t win the game today, but they sure had a moment in history this week, and it’s something for the team, and the school, to be proud of.

MTSU is about 10 miles down the road. One way to find kindreds is by supporting your community, no matter if the team is supposed to win or not, no matter if you’re a fan or not. And when you support your local community, you find out about happenings, you attend some of them, you know about what’s going on, and it gives you something local to talk about with neighbors and new friends you meet. For this week, I can talk about our Blue Raiders. Way to go, team! Stand up and be proud!

DAY 156 HOMEWORK: Find out about what’s going on in your community. Even if it’s not your thing, you can learn about it so that you have a point of view to share with those around you.


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