Day 158: Praying for Brussels

What dictates my thoughts today is the crazy happenings in Brussels today. It’s so unnecessary, and evil.

We have a church campus in Brussels, and while I know Brussels is a large city, there’s nothing to say that some of our church family members weren’t personally affected in that attack. I just don’t know. They could have been traveling on the train, or picking up someone at the airport. Even if they weren’t physically affected, the emotion of such an attack on your city has to be great.

Of course, I’ve been concerned today for the people there, but also because it’s spring break, and some of the youth at our church may have traveled to Brussels for a mission trip. We have about 60 kids going to various points of the globe this week. I’ve been looking for information on our church sites, and scouting out articles that talk about those who were wounded or for some news that would say all our church family is accounted for. That kind of concern causes my heart to cry out in prayer. It’s one of the positive things about being highly empathetic. When I feel something so heavily on my heart, it causes me to plead for help from the only One who CAN help.

In truth, this type of attack can happen, and has happened, in random locations, so we can’t cower in fear and stop building community. We must remain strong in our resolve to reach out to others. In knowing one another, we break down walls and distrust, and it makes us stronger together, especially in the case of something unnecessary and evil coming to our own door.

DAY 158 HOMEWORK: Pray for Brussels. And keep working on your connections. We need them more today than ever.


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