Day 159: Knowledge at our fingertips

I read an article the other day about knowledge in the recent past and knowledge today. It was really fascinating. The writer was saying that today, we have access to all kinds of information at the drop of a text in Google. And because we have all this information at our fingertips, quite literally, we tend to think we know it all. We don’t cross-reference to see if information is accurate. We read it and assume it’s truth. We know more than the next person, so that makes most people feel like it’s good enough.

What I found fascinating is that, as we’re talking about kindreds and connecting with people, we spend so much time with our noses in the smart phones in our homes, and even when we’re socializing. It makes us feel like we’re up-to-date on the “knowledge” that everyone else is talking about and we see who else is adding to that conversation so we can then fill in the blanks that others may not have seen. That’s our conversation. That’s our “knowledge.” That’s our new way of living.

I just wonder if there’s any way to collectively get back to learning our knowledge from mentors, and experts, and teachers.

In Nashville, we have a life-sized replica of the Parthenon, and one of the displays in the museum talks about the methods of cutting the marble columns in such a way that when you look at the columns from a distance, you don’t see the vertical perspective change as you look up column. When you look at the amazing knowledge that ancient peoples had to build pyramids, or temples, or even chariots, they had incredible engineering knowledge. Without Google! If the internet went out all over the world, what would it take to get our society back to the place where we could simply function as a society? Let alone, build things. Or do simple math.

There’s still time to get back to knowledge. To thinking. To using our abilities to build community. We need each other, even now, and there may come a day when we need to know our neighbors better than just someone to wave at. So let’s get at it.

DAY 159 HOMEWORK: Think about your use of a search engine. Have you stopped learning because it’s easy enough to search to find the answers you need? I challenge you to keep learning. And keep connecting, not to one-up each other, but to build community.



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