Day 160: Naps and apps

I’ve been taking a few days of stay-cation, and I guess I was more in need of some time off than I thought. I both slept in, AND took a long nap 2 days in a row. ME time was incredibly welcome. I’ve gotten a couple of home projects off my list, in my process of simplifying my life, and that’s also rejuvenating. And, I’ve been able to spend some time with my family who I don’t get to see often. So far, so good.

My company is trying to find a new communication/intranet app, and I’m trying to stay away from work, but today we got a 2-week trial version of one that I really like so I started to play with it. Some things I really love, and other things make me wonder if it will go over well, but as I was looking through it, I got thinking about the dichotomy of needing to move forward with an app in this technologically-advanced society, and the need to connect more one-on-one, in person, what I’ve been preaching the past 160 days on Finding Kindreds.

Of course, there’s no way in an organization of 2300 with associates all over the eastern half of the US, that we can communicate effectively and share company documents without moving forward with technology that’s current. And, if we find the right program, we should be making it easier for people outside the corporate office to feel like they’re right there, in the middle of any current news. And, we may be giving them more time if we make access to information easier for them.

But it is a bit odd to be preaching community and yet implementing something that could potentially pull people into their phones even more. I know it’s an inevitable part of progress today, and like everything else in this life, finding kindreds through community is an individual choice. Each of us can choose the amount of time we have our noses in our apps, and how much we pursue relationships with others.

And the end of my internal dialogue, my thought for this day is this: Technology is here to stay. It’s not likely going away, as much as someone might wish it. Choose balance. Look up. Engage with those around you. We need technology,  but we need other even more.

DAY 160 HOMEWORK: Technology makes some things in life easier, and in many ways better. But don’t let it take over your life. Put your technology down, when you need a nap, and when you’re with others. Engage people. Get them to look up from their technology, too. Keep building community.


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