Day 161: The family advantage

My vacation is coming to an end, and though I still have a weekend to go, the days off work have flown by. The rest was needed, and I don’t mind that I didn’t go anywhere. It was good to take naps and get rid of some junk. The piles of paper are smaller, and I crossed some to-dos off of the list.I was definitely more tired than I thought. So I obviously needed to take care of me for a few days, and probably should get better at self-care.

The family time has been good too. My sister and her husband are building on to their “new” house (new to them). It’s going to be a cool addition when it’s done, but since they are putting in some sweat equity on the project, we’ve been over sweating with them. My parents came up from Florida earlier in the week, and Wednesday, my brother from Texas came in. We’ve been together, working on the construction, playing games, talking, and eating together. Those moments are precious, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

With a family spread out far and wide, like our family is, we have to take advantage of the time we have to be together, because it doesn’t happen very often. And the last time my whole family was together was probably six or seven years ago, so when we can grab some moments, we need to hold tight and live out each moment fully.

Here comes the weekend. You’ll find me in the midst of love. It’s called family.

DAY 161 HOMEWORK: Family, be it near or far, is still family. Many times family can be great kindreds…we may have just forgotten that. Take some time to reach out to your family. If they’re near, do it in person. If they’re far, pick up the phone. Re-connect, and take advantage of the time you have.


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