Day 162: Progress Louisiana Style

My brother and I had a cool moment of connectivity last night. We were getting ready for dinner, so I had pulled out some ground turkey to make tacos. I got about halfway through the meal prep, and had to go online to see which of my new spices made the best sense in the recipe. (I’m trying not to do packaged spices as much as possible so I can be more aware of what we’re eating.)

While online, I got a notification that someone on our neighborhood Facebook page had just posted something about sharing his crawfish boil because he had too much. So I asked my brother if he was in the mood for crawfish…of course, he said yes. I’m not a huge crawfish fan. It’s ok, but it’s a ton of work for a little bite of meat, so though I’ve enjoyed it a time or two for the novelty of it, most days, I’m glad to have experienced it…glad to pass it up now.

But, my brother was serious, so I posted back that I’d be glad to take our new neighbor up on his offer. He told me where he lived and we got in the car to drive up to the far end of the neighborhood. We met Jason and his friend Mason. Mason is from Louisiana, so their crawfish boil was authentic. Huge crawfish, shrimp, corn on the cob, and potatoes filled the table. Spices filled the air. Crawfish were just coming out of the boiling pot, and even I was tempted to pick some up.

Jason and his family are relatively new to Greentree. But it was totally Finding Kindreds for Jason to post on the subdivision page that he wanted to share his crawfish. He even posted twice to reinforce that he was serious abut the offer. I’m not sure if anyone else in the neighborhood took him up on the offer, but I was so happy to reach out of my comfort zone to jump in. Before I started this blog, I may not have wandered from that safe place just to meet a new neighbor, even if there was a delicious reward at the end of the handshake. I would have been polite, but stuck to myself. It takes being intentional to build community and to find kindreds. Jason’s invitation was a nice check up on our progress.

DAY 162 HOMEWORK: How are you doing on your progress? Are you being intentional? Take a minute to evaluate and see where you can improve.


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