Day 163: Be a miracle

Happy Easter! Jesus is risen! It’s our greatest miracle, and one Christians get to celebrate daily. The death and resurrection of Jesus is what gives us hope and a future.

Talking about great miracles, we went to see Miracles from Heaven yesterday at the matinee. It was based on a true story of this little girl who got critically ill and the spiritual battle that her mother, in particular, went through during the illness. You can tell by the title that miracles happened in this family’s life, so that isn’t a spoiler. I hope you get a chance to see it, because it’s encouraging, but bring a box of tissues!

At one point, the mom in the movie quoted Albert Einstein. It went something like this: “You can go through life looking like nothing is a miracle, or you can go through life looking like everything is a miracle.”

It was thought-provoking, and made me think about how we approach every moment of our lives. We can ignore the miraculous around us, or we can be amazed at the miracles that swirl around us at every turn. If we are aware at the miraculous around us, we see the beauty in flowers, in sunsets or sunrises. We see miracles as we meet people, or as friends step up to help out in our times of need. And there are things that we can’t see.

When we believe that everything is a miracle, there are reasons for that slow car in front of us that is driving us crazy. There are reasons why certain jobs don’t come through, even when we really want them. There are reasons why we see who we see, when we see them, because people need your smile, or your greeting, or whatever you are there to give them. As such, you are someone else’s miracle.

I prefer looking at it like that: it makes me more mindful of my own actions, and the way I treat others. I don’t always get it right, but the more I can remind myself, the more I can be effective.

DAY 163 HOMEWORK: Whose miracle are you today? Pay attention and you might be surprised at who God sends your way.


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