Day 164: Today’s car ride

A few of us went to lend support to a  coworker today, as she said goodbye to her sister. It was a hard day for her, and the funeral was a couple of hours away, but we couldn’t let her face the day alone. So we piled in the pool car and took off. The four of us talked about a myriad of topics, but one topic took over our discussion for a good portion of the way there.

My friend, who was driving, said she recently had a dream that she had fallen asleep in a movie theatre and had a hard time waking up, but then she realized that she was late for work. There were other parts of dream that we laughed about, and then they laughed at me when I told them about a recent dream I had about chasing a baby T-Rex around my house, while he destroyed my furniture with his tail.

So the others in the car started to Google dream interpretation. The “being late” interpretation that popped up said my friend may be waffling with decisions or new opportunities in life, or taking on too much in her life.

The “dinosaur”? They said it could mean it was time to put things behind me and move on from a situation that has been holding me back. And because I was “chasing” it, I may have some type of unresolved or unobtainable desire.

It was interesting to hear the theories, and there were many, so I could pick any interpretation that fit my current situation. We then moved on to recurring dreams. I asked what Google said about “flood” dreams, since I have them frequently. I don’t really know what the true meaning is, but it was interesting that one of the interpretations of flood dreams was that I have bottled-up emotions I want to release and that when I release the emotions, it will let the flood gates open.

That IS what I’m doing through this blog; I’m releasing my voice that has been bottled up inside me for a long time. I’m releasing my perfectionism. In letting go of these things, I’m making quick progress in letting my real self shine.

I still don’t know what destroyed furniture means…maybe I’ll have to keep up the research, or just go buy a new sofa.

DAY 164 HOMEWORK: Today’s connection was about supporting those around you in need, but the dream conversation was just fun. I don’t know the true science behind dream interpretation, but if you have a recurring dream, google it just for fun. Consider what your subconscious may be trying to tell you.



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