Day 165: Pushing on through

It’s nice when you find a vendor who you actually can call a friend. Tonight, we met with one such vendor, and it’s always the highlight of the season. Edie is a doll and full of fun. We try a new restaurant in town and eat a bit of everything.We laugh and chat non-stop.

I had a dull headache all day and considered bowing out tonight, but I couldn’t NOT go. It’s one of those events that you just have to get to. That’s how you can tell someone is a kindred. You want to spend time with them. And I’m so glad I went. Great food, great company. And we weren’t out too late. Bonus!!

By the time I got home, my head was wanting to split in two. But after a few minutes with my family, it started to feel better. I’m just glad I didn’t let a headache hold me back from connecting with a woman I like spending an evening with from time-to-time. I would have done that before this journey began, so the progress I’m making is remarkable…at least to me. Growth makes me happy!

DAY 165 HOMEWORK: What holds you back from connecting with people? Don’t let it. Push through it and invest in people.


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