Day 166: So long can be too long

Tonight my brother and parents came over for a little while to say, “so long.” They’ve been in Tennessee for a week or so to help my sister on her new addition, and may be traveling back to their respective homes tomorrow. So they came and sat with us a while. We laughed, and shared rotten puns, and laughed some more. I was almost crying at one point, a good laughter that shook me to my soul.

The reason I laughed was because I did a “Betty.” I had to teach them what that meant. A “Bettyism” is named after my kindred, Betty. She is famous for switching words (never on purpose), and saying some things that will leave you in tears. Her most famous “Betty” was when she was asking someone if they had watched the movie, “Saving Private Ryan;” but what she asked was if they had seen “Saving Ryan’s Privates.” That one can still leave me giggling to myself if I think about it for a few moments too long.

So, my brother made a comment about having something wrong with his ear. I repeated what he said, or at least I tried to, and what I asked was, “You have something in your rear?” It was definitely a “Betty,” and my ribs hurt after laughing through that one. It made me wish she were here because she would have enjoyed that one.

We lingered for a while and though no one wanted to break up the sweet moment of family, it was getting late, and we knew what we needed to do. So we hugged and we held on tight, breathing in smells and searing a memory on our minds. We can’t take moments like these for granted. So we gulp them down as we can, and say “so long” until the next time.

DAY 166 HOMEWORK: Savor the relationships you have. Drink them in, and make lasting memories by laughing and using all your senses. It helps to write them on your heart.




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