Day 167: Bless your heart

New guests came in tonight. My brother and my parents are leaving tomorrow to go back to their homes (too many storms in Tennessee today). And tonight, my niece Jamie, and her son Gage, and her friend Amber got into town. They’ll be here for a few days to enjoy Nashville and to catch up with each other. And for us, it’s nice to spend time with them in the evenings when we can all be together.

People always ask me why my home is open so much for guests. I enjoy it. Truly I do. We’ve pretty much had guests since last fall. One guest leaves and the house is quiet for a few days, and then another guest arrives. It’s mostly a revolving door, and it’s my way of sharing what I’ve been given. I don’t really know what it would be like to with no one around long-term. Not sure that I care to find out.

Is there something special about our house? No, not really. It’s not the cleanest place. It’s not the most modern place. It’s not the most fun place to be. But it is cozy, and it feels like home, and I do try to make sure people feel like they’re at home.

When we’re blessed, we have to use what we’ve been given to bless others. And that’s what I hope people feel like when they leave my house.

DAY 167 HOMEWORK: Please don’t feel like I’m putting myself up on a pedestal. I’m only trying to encourage you to bless others with what you’ve been given. No matter what it is, what condition it is, and in what measure you share it, you’ll be blessed twice over what you use to bless others, even if your blessings come in the form of sweet feelings of joy.


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