Day 168: I scream

Something really small can make someone’s day. That happened to me today. As I mentioned, we’ve had a bit of a stressful work week. Today, a lot of people were out of the office for various reasons. Many of the people on my half of the floor were in Paducah for a safety meeting. It was quite quiet.

My friend and co-worker, the one who recently lost her mother, also has had some stress. But today was a breakthrough and it made us happy. She went out in the middle of the afternoon and bought mini-ice cream treats for everyone who was still there.

My treat was a drumstick filled with chocolate ice cream. It was probably half the size of a normal ice cream cone, so the size was perfect. I finished mine in about 4 bites, and it satisfied my sweet tooth without making me feel gluttonous. I walked out into the hall and saw others licking their lips as they finished up mini-ice cream sandwiches or vanilla cones. Everyone’s moods suddenly turned light, and there was laughter and hugs. I even did a happy dance, though they said I wouldn’t win “Dancing with the Stars” and I couldn’t get anyone to join me. It didn’t dampen my spirit.

So many times, it’s the little things that cause the heart to smile. It was a small gesture on the part of my friend, but she caused us to get out of our offices, connect with one another, laugh a bit, and whistle a tune through the rest of the afternoon. Thank you, dear friend, for your thoughtfulness!

DAY 168 HOMEWORK: What’s a little thing you can do brighten someone else’s day. Is it bringing them a couple of your spring flowers? Is it sitting and listening to a story for the 40th time? Is it dropping a note in the mail? Take a few minutes and act on the idea that’s popped into your head. It really can turn a bad day upside down.


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