Day 169: #TheWorshipSociety – part 2

On Day 141, I introduced The Worship Society, a new community being built at our church for people who are creatives. I mentioned my excitement at being able to finally connect with others who I know have a heart for things that light a fire in me. Just the thought of this community makes me smile. I’ve found some kindreds.

Today was our first Advance Lab, a time we get together just to learn. The Communication Voice met together to get to know each other a bit and hear what our Lead Voice, Sully, is envisioning. Sully was my son’s small group leader for a year in high school, so I know Sully has a heart for God. He’s extremely talented, and directs communications for our church as vocation and calling.

Sully’s vision for the Communication Voice is to have 4 Leads who will work in Vision, Social Media, Digital Media and Events. Vision is being led by Greg. Today, I learned that Greg has a role similar to mine in a large local corporation, and his wife works in my organization’s sister company (see how fascinating connections can be?). The Vision team will be looking at the broader strategy for how all the communication parts are working together. Social Media is being led by Sully for right now. He said that our church has about 40 different social media sites, between the different campuses and ministries we have. That’s a lot of social media to corral. Digital Media is being led by Adam, who is working specifically on the website and the new app coming out in a week or so. Finally, Events is my area.

I’m going to be working on how we can communicate events in our church in a way to reach more people, because getting people connected is my passion. Under Events falls eNews, posters, the magazine we’re doing, etc. I know a couple of people on my crew but I’m going to work to recruit our church’s ministry leaders to be on my crew, because if they have something they’re doing, we want to figure out the best way to get that information out to those in our community who may be looking for a way to connect. That’s where I fell through the cracks over the years, and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else.

All of these parts integrate and overlap, so I’m excited to see how we can build the Communication Voice into a strong force for our church. If you want to be on my crew, and you have a heart for connecting people, give me a holler.

DAY 169 HOMEWORK: Look at your passion. How can you put it to work so that you connect with others who have a similar passion? Think about just one area for today.


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