Day 170: Another hodgepodge of a day

Today, I started reading the story of Ed Catmull, a founder of Pixar, wrote Creativity, Inc. Wow. It’s a fascinating story of a long-term dream from his days as a boy enthralled by Walt Disney, and how he finally achieved his dream. But his story is more than that. It’s a story of leadership and drawing out creativity and a voice from people.

This book was recommended to us yesterday at The Worship Society Advance Lab, but what I’m finding is that it is not only giving me insight into my creative side; it’s also giving me insight into how we’re building our employer brand at my company. Culture can’t just be words; it has to be based on the people who live and breathe the culture. They are the ones who determine if the culture you think you really have even exists. I’ll keep you posted as I read, but if you like to learn from others, and you enjoy both biography and leadership guides, you’ll enjoy this book. Eighty pages in, I highly recommend it.

On another note, I found a page on Facebook today, and it focuses on service projects in our local area. It’s called #WhereCanIServe. I like the premise of these people’s website and Facebook page. They are housing a calendar for volunteer events so people know where they can go to serve. They’ve just started their page in the last few months, so they don’t have much up, but ways to build community are showing up in all kinds of places. I love it.

Finally, I enjoyed having family around the past week or two. They have all returned to their homes now, but it was so pleasant to connect with them. I talked with my oldest brother who was in the hospital this week, and he’s better. And I talked with my BFF whose birthday was yesterday. Overall, it was a great day and it’s put me in a good frame of mind to start the week ahead.

DAY 170 HOMEWORK: Most times, a day is a compilation of activities. Sometimes, those activities can make a day seem good or bad, but don’t let one part of the hodgepodge determine your attitude. Create a collage of the positive. It will make your outlook for the week ahead brighter.




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